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Finns Beach Club

Finns has moved!! Once located in the South near Uluwatu, only reached by the ultra-exclusive cable car lift, it is now positioned on one of our favourite surf beaches, Berawa, Canggu. Luckily built in a very tasteful way with an exquisite bamboo structure, similar to the spectacular Green School, it makes for a pricey fun day/half-day of pool, beach, surf, sunbathing, sunset, drinks and food.

Like Potato Head, in Seminyak, the setup is sizeable 4 man sofas, behind the pool, with waiter service and single man sunbeds, in front of the pool, looking out to sea. There will also be a DJ playing to add some chill vibes. There is a restaurant, a bar and a pool bar. If there aren’t any sunbeds or sofas available, there are many beanbags to the right of the complex.

We have spent some fun afternoons here, sipping on Bloody Mary’s and Fizz, staying till dark to watch the fabulous sunset. Prepare to spend some money, since Finns is definitely not cheap. This place is child friendly and would provide a fun family day out, as the pool is large and there are many other kids to meet and play with.

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