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  • Lara Hough

Kuta Lombok, a cool place

Month of Visit: June

There is a lot to see down in South Lombok. There are many deserted beaches to relax on, try your hand at surfing, horse riding and general motorbike exploring. It is great as it has that, ‘Bali 30 years ago’ feel with many local farmers working the land and herding their plodding cattle down the main (still undeveloped) road.

Scootering past cattle on the roads

This beach was one we found at the end of a dirt track (no tarmac) leading in the direction of the sea. We decided to see what we could find at the end of it. We just sat down and chilled while the sun was going down. A local family came to chat to us and we communicated in our broken Bahasa and they tried their English. They fetched us 2 coconuts, it really was lovely.

Secret Beach

We went to the ‘Pink Beach,’ which took about 90 minutes to scooter to, where dead washed up coral is meant to turn the beach pink. It didn’t really have the desired effect, however, it was a gorgeously pretty beach and I am glad we made the trip.

Pink Beach

It also has a fun scene, with lots of rustic shack like bars. Usually, at least one is playing live music and many young cool friendly people, tourist and local, come out to have some drinks and a dance. Many of whom you may recognise from surfing or just seeing around as it is not a huge place.

Dancing with the local children at one of the rustic bars

For eating, there are many places to choose from. I particularly enjoyed the wood fired pizza and for a more local choice, the grilled seafood warungs were pretty epic!

From Kuta Lombok, there are many transfer options offering services to take you where you want to go next. You can organise airport, Gili, Sengigi, Bali, Flores, Sumbawa etc shuttle buses at affordable prices. I was heading to Flores and organised myself a transfer up to Sengiggi, where I then booked onto a four day Komodo boat tour trip to Flores.

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