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Bali Tour (2 days / 1 night)

Recommended for:

  • People traveling on a budget.

  • People looking for quick trips to cover Bali

  • Starting/ending in Kuta/Seminyak/Sanur/Canggu

At a glance: 2 days, 1 night Bali tour

Itinerary: Day 1

By 10am: I started in Canggu. rent yourself a bike or a driver and depart.

Head North (approx. 1hr30mins) until you arrive at Pura Ulun Danu Beratan, the beautiful temple on the lake.

**Spend around 30mins there**

By 2pm: Leave the temple and continue up the main road (Jl. Raya Bedugal – Singaraja) towards Gitgit waterfall (approx. 30mins).

By 3.30pm: Leave final waterfall viewing point and head to Lovina (approx.. 30 mins)

4 – 4.30pm: Arrive Lovina.

5pm: check in to accommodation

6pm: watch sunset (beautiful!!)

**If offered boat trip at sunrise to see dolphins, say no. Ask them to take you out to view sunrise, NOT the dolphins – read why here**

Itinerary: Day 2

6am: board boat to see sunrise - return 7.30 ish and have breakfast (take the morning slow and leave when ready).

Option 1: (approx.. 1hr50mins) Head to Medewi (surf spot and hang out). Then drive to Balian (35mins)

Option 2: (approx. 1hr50mins) Straight to Balian

By 5pm: Leave Balian

6.30pm: arrive back in Canggu

Day 1

After a busy week at work, I made the decision to get out of Canggu and away from the craziness of high season! I stopped off in a café for breakfast to work out where I would go. I had heard many good things about Bedugal and so, ipod in, petrol tank full, sim card all topped up (GPS on) and an overnight bag packed, I set off Northwards (straight through central Bali).

Eventually the busy, built up Bali, turned into more rural, rice padi Bali, which put a smile on my face! After a while, the road started to climb up into the mountains and, after what felt like ages, I arrived up in Bedugal. I had seen pictures of the beautiful ‘Pura Ulun Danu Beratan,’ a temple built over the Lake Beratan. I parked in the main carpark and headed into the temple grounds. You pay a small fee at the door. As in the photos, it was very beautiful, with the lake as a backdrop and the mountain behind shrouded by clouds. However, it was very busy with tourists taking many photos, which really takes away from the magic of the place. The crowds put me off and so, I took my photo and pretty quickly jumped on my bike and left. As for Bedugal, I do not really know what the fuss is about. As a place, it is not much different from other villages in Bali, aside from being up in the mountains.

I followed Jl. Raya Bedugal – Singaraja which is the main road that runs straight through Bedugal, past the temple and upwards into the mountains. This mountain road was fabulous, if a little windy, with amazing views and incredible vegetation! I wanted to see the Gitgit Waterfall. A sign for ‘Gitgit and Twin Waterfall’ popped up and I pulled into the parking zone. A few locals jumped on the opportunity of becoming my tour guide. I politely declined, since there was a very clear built footpath to follow. Off I went and discovered the incredible Twin Waterfall. Onwards to the next waterfall which was less impressive but still beautiful.

Gitgit Waterfall

**Note: The path continued on from the second waterfall – I continued along it for a little while and then I decided to turn back since the weather was not looking too good. It could make for a nice walk, who knows where it comes out. I would love to hear from you so be sure to comment, if you have done or do this walk.

Once back to my bike, I continued along the road. I came across another sign for Gitgit waterfall, so I stopped and went to see the ‘multitier waterfall.’ Again, locals tried to take me on a tour. I said ‘tidak, terima kasih’ (no, thank you). Beware: I was following the signs and one of the locals was adamant that it was a different path. I listened to him and went down the path he suggested. He then followed me and tried to give me directions anyway. This didn’t feel too comfortable, so I backtracked, found the signs again and was soon back on my merry way towards the multitier Waterfall (Horray!).

**There are many (signposted) places to stop, all the way up this road, with viewing points of the waterfall. Some spots, you can swim at, others you cannot**

After this waterfall, I pushed on to Lovina, the most obvious location to end my day. I stopped at a beachfront restaurant (Lovina Beach huts) for some food and contemplated checking in to a room there (350,000rp/night). After a quick bit of research on, I found a similar accommodation called Puspa Rama Pondok Wisata, about 10mins down the road (150,000rp/night), and booked in.

Watching the sunset, with the ducks, in Lovina

Whilst checking in the lady behind the desk asked me if I wanted to join a dolphin viewing boat tour and snorkelling, in the morning, at sunrise. It sounded lovely so, I booked on.

**PLEASE please please, do not book this if asked!! Read why here**

Ask her to organise a boat for you, purely to watch the sunrise (100,000rp) and not to see the dolphins – trust me it is worth it.

Sunset viewed from Lovina Beach

Day 2:

Up at 5.45am, I got ready for my tour. It was a more of a dolphin chase, than a dolphin viewing, really not pleasant. However, the sunrise was pretty beautiful! I made the decision to not snorkel as I was very hungry by this point.

Sunrise offshore (Lovina)

I had breakfast and hung out in and around my accommodation for a while as I contemplated my next location. I did not want to simply drive all the way to Canggu as it’s a long old way!

My options were...

Option 1: Take roads, Jl. Puncak Sari and then Jl. Pekutatan, to Medewi (approx. 1hr50mins).

Stay here for a little while and then follow coastal road to Balian (35mins)

Option 2: Take Roads, Jl. Puncak Sari and then Jl. Banjar Surabrata, to Balian (approx.. 1hr50mins)

I opted to take the mountain road straight to Balian. It was another ride through tremendous landscape. After an hour or so, I was wondering if the GPS was lying to me and whether I was, in fact, completely lost. Any doubt that I had vanished when three guys, with three big motorbikes, kitted out with surfboard racks and surfboards zoomed past me at high speed, obviously travelling to the same destination (Balian has great surf). It made me chuckle!

Arriving in Balian, I grabbed some of the best Nasi Campur, you can find in Bali (head to the warung opposite the sushi place) and ate it looking out over the surf. Balian is a cracking place to just chill out! I stayed here a while and then headed back to Canggu along the coastal road. A mammoth weekend.

Nasi Campur in Balian

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