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You can offset your Carbon Emissions from the SOFA!

Updated: Apr 29

With global travel becoming more and more popular, it is becoming increasingly important to think about the environmental impact and carbon footprint of your trips around the world.

Existing carbon in the atmosphere is already catastrophically high and simply cutting carbon emissions tomorrow, would still not be sufficient to stop climate change and warming. In May 2018, it was discovered that tourism accounts for 8% of total carbon emissions, approximately 3 times more than previously thought. I hope that puts into perspective how important it is that us travellers, understand the full impact of our world exploration.

It is not all doom and gloom! There are ways you can offset your carbon emissions.

An effective solution, achievable from your own sofa, is paying a small fee to a corporation, like climatecare.org, who will invest your money in one of their climatecare projects, designed to protect the environment and improve lives.

eg: London Heathrow to Denpasar (Bali), via Dubai, return journey, generates 3.57 tonnes of CO2 per passenger (crazy, right?). This would cost an individual a mere £26.79. Access the climatecare calculator here.

Everyone is continually travelling and this will keep increasing overtime, intensifying the need to educate travellers around the world about their carbon footprint.

Obviously, ones carbon footprint is not limited to travelling. The way one lives can also have an impact. A friend of mine, Emily Rampling, started her own website aiming to educate people about how to live more green and sustainably. I love what she has designed. Check it out here.

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