Surfing Old Mans / Batu Bolong

June 8, 2016

Located in Canggu (South West), this was both one of my favourite spots and one of my most hated spots, in Bali. Favourite, as it is quite easy to surf, helped me improve and provides nice, long, cruisy lefts. Hated, as it is always very crowded, so quite often was a big battle to actually get onto the waves. Also, much of this crowd were beginners, so drop ins and board ditching is scarily frequent. Nevertheless, I had many fun rides here.


Opposite the river mouth (located to the right of the big rock) is a nifty little channel with few waves making for an easy paddle out. It is popular for long and SUP boarders, as the waves are powerful and wide. Short boarders may struggle to catch the waves and generally have to give way to the long boarders/minimal riders. The waves tended to range from 2ft-6ft (average around 3ft).


I would recommend this spot to beginners and to have a lesson with one of the surf instructors by the surfboard hire. The lessons will always be fun and guarantee to get you up on your feet by the end of lesson 1 (2 hours: 350,000 IDR). Also watch out for that rather large (board snapping) shore break – makes for some great entertainment, watching people getting in and out of the water (lol).




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