Top Tips for Bali

July 7, 2016

Top tips


- buy a SIM card (cheap and can navigate around)

- rent a scooter and drive most places 

- local food restaurants are cheap (nasi campur) and delicious

- learn some basic words 



Basic Bahasa Indonesia


Thank you - terima Kasih 

No - tidak

One - satu 

Two - dua

Three - Tiga

Four - empat

Five - lima

Hello - halo

Good bye - sumpai jumpah 

How are you? - abar kabar?

I'm good, thank you, you? - bike, terima Kasih, anda?

Good morning (till 11am) - selamat pagi 

Good mid morning/ early afternoon (11-3pm) - selamat Siang 

Good afternoon (3pm till dark) - selamat sore

Good evening (at dark) - selamat malam

where is... - di mana...

Beach - pantai

How much... - Berapa...

One more - satu Lagi 

Two more - dua Lagi

         Etc ...

Large - Basar (Bintang basar- large Bintang)

Small - Cecil

Good - bagus

Delicious - anak

Beautiful - cantik 

Hot - panas 

Cold - dingin

Very - sekali (cantik sekali - very beautiful, anak sekali - very delicious etc)

Ibu - Mrs (nice way to address Indonesian women)

Mr - Pak (nice way to address Indonesian men)

What is your name? - siapa nama anda?

My name is.. - Nama saya..






Cafe wayan - does delicious local food and very fancy (affordable)

Laughing Buddha (cocktail place with live music) 


To do..

Ubud market (very close to Ubud palace)


There's a dance every night (not sure about detes)

Bicycle ride from Mt Batur, kintamani region 

Tegalalang rice fields - about 20 mins north of Ubud (beautiful) (maybe scoot here, visit and then up to kintamani) 


Sunrise hiking Mt Agung or Mt Batur 





Scooter (3 hours)

- water palaces on drive up 

Eco dive - 2 dives per day and offer courses (see my comparison of Amed dive companies here)

Sunrise Amed

Drive south along coastal road for amazing views 

Restaurant Galanga (fantastic tempe burger and amazing ice cream) 

Any of Clifftop restaurants are nice and serve fresh sea food.





To do...


Bikinis - 69 slam (Batu bolong in Canggu) and niconico

Surf at old man's/Batu bolong (get one of the instructors to take you out)


Massage - bodyworks (in seminyak and very nice but expensive - 400k+ per hour)

- local places (80k or less per hour)


Tanah lot (don't do this if you're going to Uluwatu temple - it's nicer and less tourists) 

Day trip to Uluwatu




Echo beach BBQ (fish and unlimited salad - one of my favourites!!!)

Coffee 'n' oven (fave breakfast place)

Milk and madu


Nalu bowls

Ithaka (cheap, healthy and delicious)

Motel mexicola (seminyak - food, cocktails, tequila and loads of fun)





Single fin (cool bar and can watch surfing. Also beach below it. Awesome sunset)

Padang Padang - v busy during high season 

Bingin beach

Uluwatu temple - beaut sunset and Ramayana fire dance in evening 

Can do day trip here or spend a couple of days here 



Other places to check out..


- Nusa dua (nice but very resorty) - mulia cafe does the most amazing buffet ever (breakfast or lunch/dinner)

- Nusa Lembongan (island off bali - drive to sanur and go from there)


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