'I choose life'

May 5, 2018

'I choose life'... a phrase that featured so often in our steezonnaire lingo. Example: friend goes to do something crazy,'are you coming with?' You look down the near vertical couloir that they are proposing, where you cannot actually see the run out/bottom of, and pronounce, 'no, I'm choosing life today.' 


Frequently and most of the time, we did not choose life and instead endeavoured to tackle these crazy sections of the mountain. Naturally, if your friend is going for it, you must also go for it, right? Or after weighing up the pro's and con's, you have convinced each other that it is totally safe to continue and you will be fine. From this, comes the final instalment and part 3, documenting my Ski season. 


Hopefully, some slightly more exciting off piste skiing, referred to now, by many, as 'slackcountry' (easy-to-reach backcountry, for us amateurs). Many of the areas captured, required a short hike/climb to access the section. We also started braving the Snowpark, when the powder was gone, and became very bruised, in the process. I spent 2 days in Meribel, allowing me to experience some different skiing and the unbelievably fun apres, which Meribel is so famous for. 


Les Arcs, and the Paradiski ski area, has been simply brilliant. The powder and off piste is incredible and varied. Being a purpose built resort, ensures quality skiing, fantastic snow and breathtaking views. I need to explore more of what La Plagne has to offer, particularly, as The North Face (off the Bellecotte Glacier, in La Plagne) had been beckoning across at us, all season, and we did not quite get round to skiing it. What Les Arcs and La Plagne lack, is the charm of a more traditional ski resort, for example Morzine. Many of the hotels and buildings are quite unattractive to look at and have not been built in a tasteful way. Nightlife and apres does exist and is very fun, however, if that is the focus of your holiday, the likes of The Three Valleys, Tignes, Val D'isere or St Anton, where the party scene is far more varied, would definitely suit you better.


Best moment: sunrise! We hired touring skis and left at 4am, in complete darkness, to start our hike up the mountain. We walked a very long way and climbed approximately 600m in altitude, in time to take a pew on the Nature Reserve ridge and admire the sun rising behind the mountains.


I tried to improve the quality of my filming, by staying closer to the subjects and by being more creative with the way I shot. I had about 10 hours of footage to cut to 3.5 minutes which was a massive job and took MANY hours. In the future, I believe selecting less footage with higher quality/effects and captured with a new piece of equipment (drone or gimbal), will up the ante of my videos.


Over and out LA xx




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May 24, 2018

'I choose life'

May 5, 2018

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