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  • Lara Hough

Berber Whisky, Getting Frisky!

A mini trip to Marrakech back in December 2019! We shopped till we dropped, haggled and bartered until we were blue in the face, ate plenty of tagine and couscous and visited the Atlas Mountains.

When you head into the medina to explore the restaurants, shops and souks, prepare for an overwhelming sensory experience, as you enter the hustle and bustle of market life. Pick up the aromas of Moroccan tagine, while feasting your eyes on an array of vibrant lanterns, jewellery, pottery and rugs, spilling out across the narrow market streets.

Top tips for shopping: Spend a couple of hours looking around the souks to identify the sorts of things you would like to buy. The price offered by the sellers will be at least three times higher than the actual price, so be sure to negotiate. On the whole, the local Moroccan people in Marrakech are very friendly, and enjoy haggling with tourists, so if you firmly stick to your price and are prepared to walk away, you're sure to reach a mutual deal.

Our guide and trip to the Atlas Mountains was amazing - we stopped at the Argon Oil Co-operative for breakfast, before, heading into the mountains, for a small hike to see waterfalls and our guide's Berber village, where his Mother prepared us a delicious lunch to eat on his roof terrace. I highly recommend this tour, which is suitable for anyone with a moderate level of fitness. Please comment if you would like details of where to book.

We felt safe walking around Marrakech, even at night, as a group of two girls and two boys. Occasionally, when the boys were walking separately from us, we were heckled by the young local men, which made us feel slightly uncomfortable.

All in all, a fantastic weekend!!

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